How to get a bigger bicep peak: Spider curls

Big biceps look good, but defined and fully developed ones look even better. When striking a double bicep back pose or a side tricep flex (yes, the bicep does compliment this pose) or the side bicep pose, you want that separation between the frontal deltoid and the upper bicep. Without that ‘cut’ there, it may […]

How to build a broad chest: Neck press (wide grip bench press)

The neck press, or the wide grip bench press, is just a regular bench press, but with a much wider grip. This allows that, when you lower the weight, the bar goes down to your collarbone, instead of to your nipple line. You must also keep your back flat on the bench and do not […]

How to train for hypertrophy: Sets, reps, rest & frequency

A lot of guys want to get buff at some point in their life… And after the beginner gains they might find that their progress has slowed down remarkably, or that it’s even stalled completely. Fortunately there are guidelines on how to optimize hypertrophy and prevent hypertrophy stalling. First off, let’s have a look at […]

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