Myth: Burn fat to lose fat. Busted!

The classic “fat-burning hypothesis” is starting to fail; burn fat to lose fat…it doesn’t work that way…entirely. Lots of people want to lose fat and they think cardio or some form of training that burns the most fat will result in the most fat loss. I have already debunked the fasted cardio myth if you […]

Get bigger lower biceps with the preacher curl

The preacher curl works the lower bicep like no other exercise, due to the elbows being forward, there is always tension on the muscle, especially the lower part. But the preacher curl should not be performed as you might know it. Machines are useless, so don’t use them. You probably wouldn’t have seen the preacher […]

How to build the outer head of the shoulder: Upright row

Nothing builds muscle faster and bigger than good old compound movements. Compound movements bring out the belly of the muscle, the fullness and the thickness. Whereas isolation movements are used to shape, define and perfect the muscle as desired. A perfect V-taper is a very much acquired feature for a bodybuilder, which is having a […]

How to build a broad chest: Neck press (wide grip bench press)

The neck press, or the wide grip bench press, is just a regular bench press, but with a much wider grip. This allows that, when you lower the weight, the bar goes down to your collarbone, instead of to your nipple line. You must also keep your back flat on the bench and do not […]

How to train for hypertrophy: Sets, reps, rest & frequency

A lot of guys want to get buff at some point in their life… And after the beginner gains they might find that their progress has slowed down remarkably, or that it’s even stalled completely. Fortunately there are guidelines on how to optimize hypertrophy and prevent hypertrophy stalling. First off, let’s have a look at […]

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