Biceps curls for optimal muscular development (video) Is there a right and a wrong way of doing a bicep curl? Have you ever thought of it? You want big guns, don’t you? Small tweaks in how you do something as simple as a bicep curl can have a great impact on your gains in the long run and determine how great […]

How to build the long head of the tricep: overhead rope tricep extension

The best way to make your triceps bigger is to develop/grow the long head of the tricep. That’s the head that gives your tricep that mass on the backside. It stands out the most remarkable during the side tricep pose, with beautiful synergy with the lateral head of the tricep on the double back bicep […]

How to get a bigger bicep peak: Spider curls

Big biceps look good, but defined and fully developed ones look even better. When striking a double bicep back pose or a side tricep flex (yes, the bicep does compliment this pose) or the side bicep pose, you want that separation between the frontal deltoid and the upper bicep. Without that ‘cut’ there, it may […]

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