47 ways to increase DHT (2019 update)

DHT was always thought to be converted from testosterone, however, recent data suggest that instead, it’s converted from Δ-androstenedione by 5α-reductase isoenzyme-1 to 5α-androstanedione, followed by subsequent conversion to DHT via the enzyme 17β-hydroxysteroid B3. The 5α-androstanedione pathway to DHT, therefore, bypasses testosterone entirely (1). Androstenedione → 5α-androstanedione → DHT. Also, “DHT formation from 4-dione (androstenedione) increased gradually and was […]

How much protein should you eat when dieting

Protein (amino acids) is the only macro-nutrient that can build and help retain muscle when losing fat. Yes, carbohydrates have a protein sparing effect, but if your protein intake isn’t sufficient, carbs won’t be able to spare your muscle during fat loss. And as carbs have to be reduced, due to calorie restriction during a […]

Lysine helps with muscle growth and fat loss

Lysine, an essential amino acid, is an exceptionally important amino acid that’s indispensable to building quality muscle fast and it also has quite a variety of benefits. Lysine promotes muscle growth 1) Lysine promotes muscle growth by promoting vasodilator (independently of nitric oxide) and enhance blood flow which aids in transporting nutrients to the muscles (R). […]

Lysine – top 6 reasons you’ll benefit from it. #1 boost muscle growth

Lysine, an essential amino acid, is an exceptionally important amino acid that’s indispensable to building quality muscle fast and it also has quite a variety of benefits. Some of its benefits include anti-bacterial and anti-viral. (1) It plays a role in regulating hormones, enzymes and antibodies that keep the immunity strong. Due to stronger immunity […]

Ornithine α-ketoglutarate – a remarkable anabolic amino acid

Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG) is a salt formed of 2 molecules of the amino acid ornithine and 1 alpha-ketoglutarate (intermediate in the kreb cycle). There is evidence that the benefit of OKG is not the simple addition of the effects of ornithine (Orn) and alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG), because the presence of both moieties is required to induce […]

Arginine for building muscle

Arginine, an essential α-amino acid, is used in the biosynthesis of proteins, increases blood flow, growth hormone (GH), improves memory, boosts immunity, detoxifies ammonia, and is involved in formation of creatine, agmatine, glutamate, polyamines (essential for muscle regeneration and growth), ornithine, and citrulline (R, R). etc… About 60% of the absorbed l-arginine is metabolized by the gastrointestinal […]

Magnesium – a top dog mineral

Magnesium is a macromineral, which we require quite a large amount of daily. Everyone seems to know the importance of this mineral, yet so many people are deficient. Mg is involved in numerous processes in the body, which includes: heart rhythmvascular tonenerve functionmuscle contraction and relaxationbone formationenergy metabolism – adenosine triphosphate (ATP) productionDNA and RNA […]

Thyroid and testosterone production

How does your thyroid status affect your androgen levels? The thyroid produces two hormones, namely T4 and T3. T4 is converted to T3 via the deiodinases enzyme and T4 levels are always higher than T3 levels. T4 is just considered as a pro-hormone, as it’s converted to T3, which is the active hormone. T3 binds with […]

Ornithine – anti-cortisol, anti-anxiety, growth hormone and sleep

L-ornithine is a non-essential amino acid, which your body can make from arginine. It’s found in very low concentrations in food and the highest natural source is freshwater clams. L-ornithine administration increases ketone bodies and free fatty acids and promotes lipid metabolism (fat oxidation), as well as lowers blood ammonia levels by activating the urea […]

Vitamin D, the steroid vitamin

Vitamin D is actually a hormone (steroid) and not a vitamin, as our bodies can synthesize vitamin D from UVB rays from the sun and convert it into its active form which then acts as a hormone in the body. It’s very difficult to get all our vitamin D from food sources alone, and we […]

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