Dopamine makes you addicted to self improvement

Dopamine makes you addicted to wanting to improve yourself, eat healthy, be active, wanting to explore and stay lean. Right? Yes, but is that what the media portrays? No! We’re being told dopamine promotes addiction to drugs, food, bad behavior, etc. But that’s incorrect. It’s a dysregulation of the dopamine system that leads to overeating […]

The negative effects serotonin has on your physique: the “anti-depressant” molecule with depressing properties

For the past decades white lies and muddied research established serotonin as a beneficial neurotransmitter for mental and physical health. However, more and more research, that reveals the truth about serotonin, is starting to surface and topple that muddy tower of serotonin “goodness” down. Serotonin is turning out to be much more of a downer […]

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