Increasing fat loss, insulin sensitivity and liver and gut health with TUDCA

Bile is essential for health and is a pretty fascinating topic. However, very few people know that it’s actually much more important than just for digesting fat. In this article I don’t want to talk about just bile in general, but a specific bile acid, namely TUDCA. TUDCA is created in the gut by gut […]

Sugar doesn’t make you fat – the ultimate guide on lipogenesis

Ever had a potato turn into a slab of butter? Some people think that it’s possible in the body where carbs are converted to fat and then it makes you fat real fast, so they avoid carbs like the plague. The process is called de novo lipogenesis (DNL) – the creation of new fats. This […]

Dopamine makes you addicted to self improvement

Dopamine makes you addicted to wanting to improve yourself, eat healthy, be active, wanting to explore and stay lean. Right? Yes, but is that what the media portrays? No! We’re being told dopamine promotes addiction to drugs, food, bad behavior, etc. But that’s incorrect. It’s a dysregulation of the dopamine system that leads to overeating […]

Prolactin hinders fat loss and top 5 ways to lower it

Prolactin is a pretty bad hormone to have elevated at any time. It’s shown to be involved in all kinds of diseases and also (very) negatively affects your body physique wise. Prolactin can be detrimental to your physique through a few mechanisms as I’ll discuss below. #1 Prolactin suppresses steroidogenesis Prolactin inhibits the release of […]

How to improve metabolic flexibility to lose fat

I’m not talking about keto or fasting or anything like that. Metabolic flexibility (MF) is the ability of the body to switch from one fuel source to the other without any problem. When carbs are eating, insulin shuts down the mobilization of fats (lipolysis) from the fat stores, promotes glucose uptake (GLUT4), storage (as glycogen) […]

Collagen: the one thing you need more of for muscle growth and fat loss

Collagen, the supplement for joint and skin health turns out to be anabolic too? Sweet, but how potent? Pretty potent alright…read on! So it all started in 2015 when Zdzieblik conducted a study, where they gave men with sarcopenia 15g of collagen daily for 3 months. The results were apparently so good that Phillips wrote […]

Pre-sleep protein – any added benefit?

Protein is anabolic. We all know that. But is there an extra hypertrophy benefit, a secret strategy, to the specific timing of your protein intake? Eating protein every 4-5 hours will help to keep muscle protein synthesis elevated throughout the day. Once amino acids drop in the blood, protein synthesis also drops. We can maintain […]

Caloric deficit lowers testosterone levels – and what to do about it

Caloric deficit…Is that option lingering in the back of your mind? You want to get lean, look good in swimming trunks. But what is it going to do to your testosterone levels? Is it going to lower your already low levels, or bring down your levels that you have worked so hard to increase? Is […]

Bile acid digests not only dietary fat but also body fat

Bile acid for fat loss? Bile acid, that green or yellowish brown fluid secreted by your gall bladder can actually improve your health and speed up fat loss. Bile is produced by the liver from cholesterol. Humans make around 500mg of bile daily, which consists of about 97% water, 0.7% bile salts, 0.2% bilirubin, 0.51% fats (cholesterol, fatty acids, and lecithin), amino […]

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