Best ways to reduce exercise-induced serotonin and optimize Carbon Dioxide Production

Most of us have that drive to push ourselves hard each workout. We try to go “all out” each workout.We have to demolish the PRs of the previous workouts, right?  And so we do everything possible to squeeze every bit out of our training. But is this the right thing to do?It sure feels like […]

Get rid of DOMS with these effective methods, supplements & strategies

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is when your muscles start hurting a day or two after training. This usually lasts about 3-5 days but can even last up to two weeks, depending on how long ago you were active, what the intensity of your exercise/workout was and the state of your metabolism which also determines […]

Periodization simplified

There are a bunch of styles of periodization out there, and even though some people do simplify it, it still remains a scary and misunderstood subject. The three main styles of periodization are: Linear periodization Undulating periodization Block periodization Linear periodization is where the reps are reduced or increased (less effective) over several weeks and […]

Grow your chest to look like Schwarzenegger watermelons

You have to admit, sometimes one could mistake Arnold’s pecs for watermelons. They were that big. The chest is one of the most appealing muscles that makes a physique stand out. A big well shaped chest but in proportion to the other important muscles, namely, shoulders, arms and back, is a must. Most people grasp […]

Home leg workout without equipment part 3 This workout is the last of the series. Part 1, 2 and 3 can be alternated each session. Exercise 1 – Sprints – 5 sets of 100m The longer sprints will create a greater release of lactate and catecholamine which will have a greater effect of growth hormone and testosterone release. Exercise 2 – Pistol […]

Home leg workout without equipment: Part 2 Follow up part 1 with this leg workout. This workout will enhance explosive power, build mass and strength in the quad, hamstrings and calves.   Exercise 1 – Box jumps Start from a stationary object so that you cannot “benefit” from the stretch reflex induced by the eccentric part. This makes the exercise more difficult […]

Home leg workout without equipment: part 1 You don’t need equipment to build your legs. This workout is the first of a series of 3. Each workout should be rotated accordingly. These workouts will focus on building strength, explosiveness and size. I like to do my leg workouts 5 days apart to give enough time for recovery. Here is the workout: […]

Myth: Burn fat to lose fat. Busted!

The classic “fat-burning hypothesis” is starting to fail; burn fat to lose fat…it doesn’t work that way…entirely. Lots of people want to lose fat and they think cardio or some form of training that burns the most fat will result in the most fat loss. I have already debunked the fasted cardio myth if you […]

IL-6: Is it good or bad for building muscle and losing fat?

Can inflammation actually be good or is it just all bad? The reason for this question is that a certain (actually quite famous) inflammatory cytokine, interleukin 6 (IL-6), has been reported to have beneficial effects. Those benefits are touted as promoting hypertrophy and enhancing fat loss and blocking the effect of IL-6 inhibits that fat […]

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