Why the side effects of sugar are based on flawed research and how to make sugar work for you instead of against you

Sugar is the most evil substance in our diet of late, or so it’s portrayed by the media and a ton of “expects”. The only positive thing about it is that it’s sweet right? The rest is just side effects. Well, that’s because people don’t read all the research. How can you conclude that something […]

9 Ways to speed up glycogen resynthesis post-workout

Glycogen is stored in the muscle and liver and is used to fuel exercise, feed the brain, nervous system, red blood cells, etc. Without it, exercise performance is hampered and strength and hypertrophy gains are not as rapid. We want to have full glycogen stores before we train and also replenish it as fast as possible […]

17 Effective Ways to Decrease Hunger and Stay on your Diet

Dieting can be really hard if all you keep thinking about is food, and then the hunger pangs aren’t helping at all either. Luckily there are ways to control your appetite to improve diet adherence. Some people might think that hunger is just a signal from the body that it needs more food, despite the […]

Retain maximal muscle when dieting: 3 most important points

Maintaining muscle during fat loss is most important, because muscle mass correlates with metabolism. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolic rate will be.Plus, you worked so hard to get it, now you’ll have to ensure to keep it. Dieting or eating in a caloric deficit can be somewhat stressful on the body, […]

How much fat should you eat when dieting

Does fat make you fat, are fats just necessary to make you fat for times of famine, and how important is testosterone when cutting? In order to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit – eat less than what you burn. To maintain muscle, exercise performance, a fast metabolism, satiety, protein and […]

How much Carbohydrates should you be eating when dieting

Are carbs fattening, or does it actually speed up your metabolism? Carbs are very important when trying to lose weight. I have found that carbs provide superior satiety, compared to fats. Whereas when I eat too much protein at the expense of carbs, I completely lose my taste for protein, my energy feels low and […]

Calorie cycling: fat loss & lean bulking – here’s how to do it

Calorie cycling is to cycle between certain amounts of calories on different days, to amplify the effect of fat loss or lean bulk. It’s basically a form of “dieting” that is manipulated so that you can get the best fat loss or muscle growth, while preventing the pitfalls of regular dieting. Why do calorie cycling? […]

Ketogenic diet – is it safe? (lipid peroxidation, prostaglandins, inflammation)

Two aspects might be of concern when eating a ketogenic diet… Increase ROS due to more saturated fat consumption and more lipid peroxidation due to more unsaturated fat ingestion.   Let’s start with the increase in ROS 1 glucose molecule produces 10 NADH and 2 FADH2 through glycolysis and the TCA cycle. During beta-oxidation, for […]

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