Why the side effects of sugar are based on flawed research and how to make sugar work for you instead of against you

Sugar is the most evil substance in our diet of late, or so it's portrayed by the media and a ton of "expects". The only positive thing about it is that it's sweet right? The rest is just side effects. Well, that's because people don't read all the research. How can you conclude that something [...]

Best ways to reduce exercise-induced serotonin and optimize Carbon Dioxide Production

Most of us have that drive to push ourselves hard each workout. We try to go "all out" each workout.We have to demolish the PRs of the previous workouts, right?  And so we do everything possible to squeeze every bit out of our training. But is this the right thing to do?It sure feels like [...]

Get rid of DOMS with these effective methods, supplements & strategies

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is when your muscles start hurting a day or two after training. This usually lasts about 3-5 days but can even last up to two weeks, depending on how long ago you were active, what the intensity of your exercise/workout was and the state of your metabolism which also determines [...]

Periodization simplified

There are a bunch of styles of periodization out there, and even though some people do simplify it, it still remains a scary and misunderstood subject. The three main styles of periodization are: Linear periodization Undulating periodization Block periodization Linear periodization is where the reps are reduced or increased (less effective) over several weeks and [...]

Increasing fat loss, insulin sensitivity and liver and gut health with TUDCA

Bile is essential for health and is a pretty fascinating topic. However, very few people know that it's actually much more important than just for digesting fat. In this article I don't want to talk about just bile in general, but a specific bile acid, namely TUDCA. TUDCA is created in the gut by gut [...]

How much DHEA should you take to boost DHT and minimize estrogen

DHEA, a pretty common supplement with an even more common question...how much should you take? Not a lot of people are aware that DHEA can easily increase estrogen, so what dose is best to minimize the increase in estrogen? First, what happens to DHEA in the body?  When DHEA is taken orally, it's handled by [...]

Sugar doesn’t make you fat – the ultimate guide on lipogenesis

Ever had a potato turn into a slab of butter? Some people think that it's possible in the body where carbs are converted to fat and then it makes you fat real fast, so they avoid carbs like the plague. The process is called de novo lipogenesis (DNL) - the creation of new fats. This [...]

Dopamine makes you addicted to self improvement

Dopamine makes you addicted to wanting to improve yourself, eat healthy, be active, wanting to explore and stay lean. Right? Yes, but is that what the media portrays? No! We're being told dopamine promotes addiction to drugs, food, bad behavior, etc. But that's incorrect. It's a dysregulation of the dopamine system that leads to overeating [...]

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