Hi, I’m Hans Amato

Physique, training and nutrition expert. Founder of Natural Supremacy and MenElite.

Hundreds of thousands of  people read my material to learn how to use proven methods and principles to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. 


I don’t believe in lecturing you about how to go on a diet and train harder. Instead, I show you how to eat and train smarter so that you can get the best results for the least amount of effort. Working smarter, not harder is key.

My programs can benefit everyone for many years to come because they’re already auto-regulated to meet your every need and push you beyond your genetic limit.

I give away 98% of my material free. I aim to make that free material better than anyone else’s paid stuff.

What makes me unique…

I didn’t just specialize in building bigger muscles and losing fat. I have immersed myself into the research about health, androgens, mentality, brain function, supplements, and so much more for many years and continue to do so.

What I can do for you:

  • Optimize androgens
  • Maximize muscle growth and strength gains
  • Perfect fat loss and maintain it (no rebound)
  • Get rid of pesky health issues
  • Restore neurotransmitters
  • Improve confidence and the way you feel
  • and so much more…

No other coach combines everything is such a integrated was as I do and only I can offer you that something special; neglecting nothing.

The body is one and everything is connected, so I treat it that way.

What I stand for…

I don’t have a limiting mindset to what you can accomplish with your physique. “Professionals” claim only this or that is possible, but by believing it you put a hefty lid over your own potential. I’m all about removing those lids, those boundaries, and breaking through the infamous “genetic limit”.

I help men to change their mindset and break their genetic limit.

I know you have a lot of choices in who you read and learn from, so I know I have to earn your trust with every post I make. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about me.

From scrawny  to sculptly

I started lifting weights with my dad when I was 17, jumping to a new routine every year or so because I didn’t know what the best way was to train. Sound familiar?

I did this until I was 22 and the results were pretty mediocre, so I got pretty discouraged along the way.

This is when I decided that it was high time for me to really learn how to eat, train, supplement and live life correctly so that I could get the best results possible naturally (without the use of roids). And I did this by teaching myself.

But it didn’t just happen overnight. I spent hundreds of hours doing research and just as many hours doing self-experimentations to perfect my craft.

Until finally I had cracked the code and put together the perfect formula that would enable me to sculpt my dream physique. A physique “professionals” would say was outside of my genetic reach.

The problem is, in this day and age where so much information overwhelms us all the time, we don’t need more information. We need the right information and the instructions on how to implement it correctly.

The perfect execution is key. 

Here’s the brutal truth—Willpower is limited. Simply trying harder doesn’t work. 

But there ARE methods that will help: For example, I’ll show you the exact program I use to sculpt my body just the way I want it with the best methods there are.

That’s what I offer at MenElite. No sugar-coating, no BS, no random tactics. Just tested, step-by-step systems that work in the real world.

For example, I share the exact program, exercise for exercise, cycle for cycle, and other methods on how to bring out the exact muscles you desire, lose weight or maintain a low body fat percentage all year round, and how to build incredible strength in no time, to name a few.

Focus on the strategies that will generate massive results for the rest of your life, and you’ll never have to worry about the small change problems again.

What People Say

“Your work with your eBooks and website have been very helpful to me… so thank you very much.”

Brandon R.

“Your program helped me immensely. It fits all my personal needs and enabled me to reach my goals. Thanks so much!”

Andrew C.

“Thanks for the quality of your work. I really appreciate it.
I’m making fantastic gains on your program.”

Adrien L.

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